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Secret Lyndon Johnson Tape – LBJ Orders Some Haggars

LBJ enjoying the custom built roominess of his Haggars

Everyone knows that when you advance into your middle years it can be a challenge to find clothes that fit just right.  Is it the body that changes, or the cut of the clothes?  One of the eternal mysteries of the universe.

But don’t feel alone, even leaders of the free world face this dilemma.  (And you thought being a LOTFW was all fun and games, right?) Fortunately, the job comes with a few perks.  For example, if you pick up the phone and make a quick call to the CEO of your favorite clothing manufacturer, you’ll probably get results.

Check out the audio recording of Lyndon Johnson ordering several pairs of his favorite Haggars from Mr. Haggar himself.  God help LBJ’s tailor.

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