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Mark Lanegan Band – Harborview Hospital (4AD Session)

I ran across this video on the KEXP website.  It’s a cheery song about Seattle’s historic public care facility, Harborview Hospital, where band leader Mark Lanegan once spent some time for God knows what.  If you’re like me (and let’s hope you’re not), you’re pleased to find any middle aged rocker who (a) looks as though he’s actually lived through some of the hard knocks he’s singing about, and (b) can remember the lyrics.

Of course remembering is one thing, and singing them intelligibly is another. While watching the video, I think I caught about every third word.  Am I mistaken, or did once verse begin with, “I think I ate my cat today, the hairballs never lie”?

Lanegan hails from Seattle.  His latest album, from which this song is taken, is called Blues Funeral.  You can check out the entire set at the KEXP website.

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